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The Acne Journal

Antibiotics and Acne - Client Success Story

acne success story Oct 11, 2022


Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for the treatment of acne and can be effective at controlling breakouts. When I met Annali (picture below), she had taken antibiotics for her acne on 4 different occasions, and each time they worked well to clear her skin. 

However, due to possible side effects and the potential for bacterial resistance, Annali's dermatologist wouldn’t prescribe her any more. Instead, they decided to try Yaz, a birth control pill thought to help...

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Birth Control-Induced Acne - Client Success Story


Before coming to our clinic, Hannah (photo below) had worked with a dermatologist for months to get her acne under control. She tried several things to help clear her skin: antibiotics, Retin-A, and various topical prescription products. When nothing worked, her Dr. recommended an IUD (a birth-control implant) in an effort to regulate her hormones and control her skin. 

The IUD didn't work. In fact, it made her skin much worse. Hannah's "before" pictures below show her skin...

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